Village Directory

The Bells of The Bell Inn

Jane Fairmont Bell: 29, widow. Was married to John Bell, innkeeper (deceased).

Thora Stonehouse Bell: 51, Jane’s mother-in-law, also a widow. Was married to Frank Bell (deceased).

Patrick Bell: 28, Thora’s younger son

Diana Stonehouse: Thora’s sister, lives in Bath. Marries Captain Williams before novel’s start.

Staff of The Bell Inn

Bertha Rooke: cook-housekeeper

Dotty: kitchen maid

Cadi and Alwena: chambermaids

Colin McFarland: 24-25, porter/booking clerk

Liam and Eileen McFarland, his parents. Sisters: Susie 16, 13, 10, and 3.

Gabriel Locke: farrier, a specialist in equine care—part blacksmith, part veterinarian

Bobbin: barman

Ned Winkle: potboy—collects and washes glasses

Tuffy and Tall Ted: ostlers or horsemen

Joe: postboy/postillion

Walter Talbot: former manager/head porter

Nan Talbot: Walter’s sister-in-law, widow. Was married to Walter’s brother, Bill (deceased).

Cabot “Cabbage”: former farrier

Hetty Piper: former maid

Regulars of The Bell Inn

Jack Gander: Royal Mail guard

Charlie Frazer: Royal Mail coachman

Jeb Moore: Royal Mail coachman

James Drake: newcomer

Mr. Sanders and Mr. Peterson: regular guests

The Ashfords of Thornvale

Rachel Ashford: 27, impoverished gentlewoman

Sir William Ashford: Rachel’s father, knighted. Was married to Lavinia Woodgate (deceased).

Ellen Ashford Hawley: Rachel’s older sister

Robert Hawley, her husband. Sons, William and Walter

Nicholas Ashford: Sir William’s heir and Rachel’s second cousin

Mrs. Fife: housekeeper

Casper: butler (retired)

Jemima: lady’s maid

The Miss Groves of Ivy Cottage (Residence and Girls’ School)

Mercy Grove: 29-30, schoolmistress

Matilda Grove (Aunt Matty): Mercy’s aunt

Zelda Timmons: cook-housekeeper

Mr. Basu: useful man/manservant

Mr. and Mrs. Grove: Mercy’s parents

George Grove: Mercy’s brother

Alice Smith: young orphaned student

Anna Kingsley: eldest student

Fanny Scales, Mabel, Phoebe and Sukey: other pupils

Agnes Woodbead: housemaid


The Brockwells of Brockwell Court

Sir Timothy Brockwell: 30, baronet

Justina Brockwell: 18, Sir Timothy’s much younger sister

Richard Brockwell: Sir Timothy’s younger brother, resides in London

Lady Brockwell: Sir Timothy’s mother, widow. Was married to Sir Justin (deceased).

Carville: butler

Other villagers/businesses

Bea Snyder: laundress

Louise Shabner: dressmaker “mantua-maker and milliner”

Arthur Blomfield: banker with Blomfield, Waters, and Welch

Todd: Arthur’s clerk

Mr. Gordon: house agent

Mr. Ainsworth: sexton/gravedigger

Mr. Bingley and Lord Cedric Winspear: magistrates or justices of the peace (JPs)

Harlan Godfrey: publican

Mr. Broadbent: plumber

Mr. Cottle: butcher

Mr. Holtman: greengrocer

Mr. Fothergill: apothecary

Doctor Burton: physician

Mrs. Henning: midwife

Mr. (Peter) Paley: vicar of St. Anne’s

Camilla Paley, his wife. Have three sons.

Mr. Beachum: parish clerk

Mr. and Mrs. Craddock: bakery owners. Have one teenaged son.

Mr. Prater: shopkeeper and postmaster

Mrs. Hilda Prater, his wife. Lydia Prater Arnold, his married daughter.

Martha Bushby: gardener and greenhouse proprietor

Bridget Barton: dairywoman and cheesemaker

Kristine Klein: piano tuner

Becky Morris: sign painter

Teresa O’Brien: candle maker/tallow chandler

Phyllis Burlingame: carter/goods carrier

Judith and Charlotte Cook: lace makers

Julia Featherstone: poulterer

Kelly Featherstone, her father

Jake Fuller: blacksmith

Mr. Thomas: glazier

Sadie Jones: Nan Talbot’s maid of all work

Sharon Mennell: almshouse matron

Joseph and Neil Kingsley (Kingsley brothers): builders, carpenters, masons

Hugh Hightower: deputy postmaster from Andover

Eudora Foster Hightower, his wife

Mr. Coine: solicitor from Wishford

Mr. Matthews: banker from Wishford

George Phillips: owner of the Crown in Wishford